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Sponsor A Child today

Could you help our children at school to see the world beyond their mountain?

By sponsoring a child, you could send them photos and describe to them what the outside world is like. Through time you could be a mentor to them. In exchange, they are our ambassadors and will tell you about their rich culture, their way of life in the Himalayas, their foods and their festivals. 

Sponsorship is a key way to change lives!

Make a difference today by sponsoring a child.

Why sponsor a child in Nepal?

We all have reasons for being kind and generous…..whatever it is, we would love to know yours so that we can make sure we engage with your wishes. Maybe yours is one or more of the following:

  • Give the gift of hope and encouragement from yourself or maybe that ‘hard-to-buy-for-person’– sponsor a child in a remote location and use education to change children’s lives and lift them out of poverty (this is one of the poorest regions in one of Asia’s poorest countries).
  • Become a dream-maker – empower children to have new futures and new careers.
  • Nepal and the UK have strong historic relationships (part of the British Army is recruited from amongst the Gurkhas).
  • Nepal is on your ‘bucket-list’ and you can see yourself visiting or even volunteering and want to foster a relationship now. By the way, we have built a stunning Holiday Villa for just this purpose.
  • Curiosity about a culture and way of life so far away from your own.

What you can expect as a sponsor.

  • Photos and letters that will tell a story over the years. Direct contact (monitored for safeguarding reasons) with your child at least twice a year that will include an email from them, a photo, a school report and newsletter.
  • You can support and aid your child’s literacy and fluency with English by exchanging emails
  • You can send your sponsored child a modest, shareable gift that will fit in an A4 sized envelope – suggested items include crayons, notebook, colouring book, balloons, inflatable balls, skipping rope, stickers, hair accessories. (The cost of sending this is approx. £25 or it can travel with the next visitor, in which case for customs reasons it will need to be an open package.)
  • Ability to develop a long-term relationship with a child, perhaps beyond school.
  • You will be supporting an entire community (as a percentage of your donation will support a wider school project) and you will receive an annual update about it. These children are the future of the village and, with education, can rewrite that future to lift it out of poverty.
  • If you wish to volunteer and/or holiday with us in Hangdewa, whilst staying at Kanchenjunga Villa you will receive a special invitation to a festival of dancing and school celebrations with garlands for you and your child as the honoured guests.
  • A special welcome gift awaits you – to connect you with Nepal.

What do we do with your money?

Your money will pay for the child’s school fees that the Q. Learning Nepal Trust pays – it will not directly pay for the parental contribution (which varies but is around £5 – £8 per month). However, should the parents become unable to pay even this small amount, your child will be guaranteed a bursary to complete his or her education. Your child will receive a complete set of text books and a school uniform, including a PE set in their House colours. A contribution will be made to learning resources and to any school project that is current (and we will keep you informed). Finally, a small amount will be deposited into the bursary fund for any child, including perhaps yours, whose parents find they cannot pay their contribution.

Make A difference today by Sponsoring A Child.

Cost of sponsorship options made clear.

Bronze or Silver for children at school and Gold or Platinum for students wanting to go to university.


£20 a month or £225 per year

Sponsor a child at school – pays Q. Learning Nepal Trust’s contribution to school fees, books and uniforms (does not include parental contribution but pays into a bursary insurance scheme that guarantees a child’s place at the school even if the parents can no longer contribute) and a contribution to a school-wide project.


Sponsor a family of children

Sponsor a family of children at school (cost as per Bronze x number of children in the family at school).


£65 a month or £750 a year

Create a bursary for a student to continue their studies at university. This pays the university fees for a child from a rural location in Nepal (50% discount).


£130 a month or £1,500

A year: create a bursary for a student to continue their studies at university. This pays the university fees for a child from a rural location in Nepal (50% discount) and their accommodation costs away from home ensuring that the poorest of children are not disadvantaged.

Make A difference today by Sponsoring A Child.