What's Been Achieved?

Our Timeline


- Legal commitment to the villagers of Hangdewa to build a school for quality education (written on rice paper)

- First visit by the founder, Lesley Warburton, to Hangdewa via jeep, lorry, bus and walking (arriving 24 hours late!)


- First volunteers liaise with community


- School with 5 classrooms built for 5-11 year-olds


- All children given uniforms (made by local tailors) and text books (Nepali curriculum)


- 100 children and 10 teachers in the school (many in temporary classrooms)


- Yellow school for 5-14 year olds - upper school completed with 9 classrooms and a staff room

- Toilets improved

- Clean water installed from source at mountain top

- First lap-tops and English books reach the village

- Q. Learning Trust set up as a Nepali charity


Volunteers teach art, science and chess – and learn to make momas

- Pauline and Laurie Bennet visit from NZ and become major sponsors

- Tarmacked road to nearby Taplejung enables visitors to travel more easily to the village


- Orange Montessori school opens for 60 4-6 year olds – 3 teachers travel to Kathmandu for Montessori qualifications

- Aptitude Software donate 11 computers for the school plus volunteers from UK, Poland and USA to install them and liaise about getting WiFi

- GRID 91 provides two volunteers from Mumbai to examine school safety and security

- Lego makes an appearance for the first time in the village

- First eye-tests and free glasses


- Aptitude Software donate a further 14 computers for the school

- Practical Science starts with a microscope

- ‘Poorest children’ bursaries set up

- Sanitary wear made available to those girls who need it

- New toilet blocks built at both schools

- Undergraduate students enrolled in universities. Alumni include engineers, clinicians, computer studies, teachers, Nepal Army ……


- Rental Villa ‘Kanchenjunga View’ opens for visitors: sustainable tourism to support schools and provide employment

- Playground developed for Orange Montessori School

- 200 children and 15 teachers in our schools (4-14 year olds)

- Lockdown support for teachers and families

- Q. Learning Nepal Trust CIO formed in UK

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