Happy New Year! Come and visit us in 2021.



With the New Year, comes hope that we will all be travelling one day and exploring the world. We do hope you and your friends/family will come and visit Hangdewa. We have a spectacular, brand new (built 2020), luxury Villa for rental, which will help fund the schools. ‘Kangchenjunga View’ sleeps 4, has a modern bathroom and kitchen, all with views to die for (from picture windows and rockers on wrap-around balconies). We recommend having a housekeeper and guide to provide you with cooked food and very off-the-beaten-path experiences. There have been no cases of Covid in the village and you fly from Kathmandu along the Himalayas (past Everest) to Suketar airport up on the hillside above us. Adventures await you in culture, nature, traditions and people. Come and see our children dancing – or volunteer in the classrooms. Everyone speaks English at the schools. Hand-holding from arrival in Nepal to departure is normal for all travel. See what others say about visiting www.qlearningnepal.com/testimonials/

We know several of you are interested in visiting when you can and we expect to be able to welcome you from the beginning of the High Season (October 2021) onwards. Please register an interest with us so we can let you know as tourism opens up safely (borders are now open at their end, with 7 days’ quarantine). Lesley.warburton@qlearningnepal.com

All rental fees go directly to support the schools….and sustainable tourism helps create jobs. A holiday for adults and children.



Calling all Maths Whizzes – Can you Help with Maths Remotely? Do you Know a Kindly Maths Teacher?

We are exploring how to stretch our students who find classroom Maths easy. In every class, there are a couple of young people who ‘get it’ immediately….the Maths Whizzes. The teachers follow the Nepali Curriculum, which is similar to the one in England. Topics such as Numbers, Algebra, Data…

 We want to help the Maths teachers to set up a mixed age Maths Club for Maths Whizzes aged 10-15. We have access to resources on the web, such as: https://nrich.maths.org/ and the BBC bite size but none of us are Maths teachers or have ever run a Maths Club. Our internet in Hangdewa is insufficient to zoom, download or stream but we can email and send documents. Any ideas or help welcomed contact@qlearningnepal.com


Your Money Makes a Huge Difference to the Quality of Children’s Lives

We would love to raise money for Montessori equipment. We opened the Nursery for 30 children – and Sharon Moffat donated all start-up equipment. We now have 60 children in Nursery and Lower Kindergarten (aged 3-5) but no more equipment. There is none of the list below in a child’s home.

£35 will enable us to buy one of these essentials:

  •  Alphabet blocks/shapes
  • Coloured paper and paint
  • Skipping ropes and hoops
  • Counting pyramids/abacuses
  • Scissors and colouring pencils
  • Balls (various types)


In previous Newsletters, we have asked for money for desks, Kindles, a piano keyboard and support for the 13 little girls we went out and found around the mountainside and invited to join the Nursery Class. Thank you. We have money for 20 desks. We have half the number of Kindles we would like but we have money to put towards more. We have an excellent piano keyboard. And we have been given interim support and then a legacy that will guarantee the little girls’ education for the next 10 years. Only a few weeks ago they joined us tongue-tied and shy. Now they are secure, confident and mischievous. The picture being painted above is in memory of this special lady:



Dorothy Jane Crawford spent her career working with small children, often with special learning difficulties such as deafness. During her life as an educationalist, she travelled far and wide across deserts and forests and will now be remembered forever by the children in Hangdewa.


Many of you gave donations as a gift over Christmas (we send a certificate to show what your money is buying at the school for your gift to a friend or relative). Please keep us in mind for birthdays when there is nowhere to go or nothing to do in lockdown! www.qlearningnepal.com/donate/