Infant School

Infant School – MONTESSORI Q. LEARNING school

The Orange School (Opened 2019)

Children can enter the school from aged 4. It is highly regarded by parents and the wider community as the best school in the region. The school is on Limbu land and, although many children are Limbus, all are regarded equal whether they are girls or boys, Limbu, Gurungs, Sherpas, Hindu, Buddhist, or regarded as ‘untouchable’. All are encouraged to do well each day, have a voice, aspire to reach their potential and enjoy school.

There are three classes with lots of windows looking over the mountains. Each class has about 30 children, one Montessori trained teacher and two teaching assistants. Lessons use a range of materials and a variety of ways to engage children. Most children have developed a memory of both English and Nepali scripts as well as numbers up to 100 and can write simple words after the first year. Reading, writing and Maths are key in the second class – learned through singing, chanting, jumping, dancing, measuring, pouring as well as hands on help to create a legible script. There is a lively, co-operative feel in the classrooms, where every child is given the chance to shine.

There is also a crèche. It is normal for teachers (both dads and mums) to bring their children with them to their classrooms whilst tiny and then leave them with the crèche supervisor once they start to move around.

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