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You can make a difference today by sponsoring a child or making a donation

This is one of the poorest regions of one of the world’s poorest countries. Without support, this village would be largely cut off from the rest of the world and the 21st Century – and the children from opportunities to learn, develop and reach their potential. Q.Learning Nepal Trust CIO funds an education that will give children in Hangdewa and its environs the life chances that we expect for children in the West. In Hangdewa, they learn all the subjects you would expect, in English, to equip them for job opportunities and careers.

We believe that education is the corner-stone to a fairer world and yet one which can allow the village to continue its way of life, making choices for how the village and children develop so that this harmonious, diverse and beautiful place maintains its culture and uniqueness.

The villagers surround the school with supportive encouragement and are desperate for the outside world to invest so that they all can eat, create a sustainable way of life and enjoy what the outside world has to offer. Since starting the schools, no underage (less than the legal age of 20) young girl has been subjected to an arranged marriage. This compares with the norm of girls around 15-18 being married elsewhere in Nepal. This gives young people the dignity and a window to develop physically and emotionally as well as to aim for a career to raise themselves out of poverty. By donating to Q.Learning Nepal, you can be sure that the money will fund education that will change lives.